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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hackers attack India's NSG (National Security Guards) website; probe begins

The spate of cyber attacks continues with the hackers hitting the official website of National Security Guard (NSG). According to multiple media reports, anonymous programmers attacked the website –, and corrupted some of its e-mail domains.

The NSG officials, though, turned down the possibilities of major damage and said that a formal probe into the suspected hacking attempt had been initiated. It is being speculated the source of attack exists outside the country. In the meantime, the officials are renewing the passwords and other confidential data to ensure optimum safety.
The reports say the hackers have struck the NSG website several times but the latest one is being described as a “serious” one, especially considering the sensitive data the NSG website hosted.

Anonymous also attacked a website of the Indian Army but soon retracted after it was received criticism from several quarters. The frequent incidents of cyber attacks have exposed the vulnerability of network security to the Internet marauders.

National Informatics Centre (NIC). The infamous hacking group Anonymous had taken credit of the attack on NIC website. The group said it attacked the website to express solidarity with the ongoing movement against corruption in the corruption.
Outside India, the situation seems the same. The IMF, the CIA,Sega and so on, the list of brands and institutions coming under cyber attack is ever-increasing.
Cyber attacks are now a very common nuisance and we throw a question to you - can these attacks be ever stopped? They say the hacking is for a purpose and very noble agenda behind it, is that so?

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