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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

India, Nepal and Sri Lanka Among Top 5 Nations with Maximum Google Plus Users

Now this is an interesting update for South Asia, 3 out of  Top 5 Google Plus using nations come from this region. If Google Plus Statistics site can be believed, India stands second only to United States. India has 18k+ users while US has 150k, Sri Lanka stands third at 14.9k, and Nepal at fourth position with 7.8k users. Latin American nation Paraguay comes fifth with 7.2k users.
Here is the Global Map of Google Plus users density.
Here is the distribution of users among Top 10 Nations. The percentages shown is the fraction of users in the nation out of the sum of Ten Nations.
The Poor Group Rising
This shows a trend of emerging South Asia (once called Poor Group). The group consists of politically unstable nations but it is not hindering the technological progress. The youth in these countries have taken the responsibility of technological advancement in their hand, and are actively using Social Networks like Twitter and Facebook. For instance, the youth in Nepal are using Facebook to bring political stability in the nation, by seeking legal help from Supreme Court, in stabilizing the nation. India saw Anti-Corruption Twitter and Facebook movements, in the past few months.
South Asia, with India, is the group of nations having close to half of  World’s population. The group is coming to the Global Economic play with the IT and ITes revolution led by India.
Accuracy of the Numbers?
This number is fairly less if yesterday’s news of Google Plus reaching 10 Million figure is to be believed. But it has to be noted that it was a prediction from an expert, and these statistics seem authentic on users indexed. The site is however not associated with Google, and the accuracy or completeness can be questionable.


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