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Monday, September 26, 2011

How to Control Facebook Notification Emails

If you are on Facebook as an active user you are going to get so many emails. Because Facebook notify you for most of the activities as if someone likes you status you will get an email for it. If you get a friend request you are going to get an email for it. If someone tagged you in a picture you will be notified for it. Any activity you will you are going to get an email form Facebook so today Facebook decided to do something for it and created some new features to control Facebook emails notifications.

To get started go to if you are logged in. To control all the notification this is the control panel.
To control notification click on edit buttons as you can see in image. You have to just uncheck which notification you do not need. You can do this for all the notification options.
This is not just you can do Facebook now provide much better way to control notification, as you know Facebook sends you individual emails for notification if you do not want individual emails you can receive just summary emails. And this feature is enabled by default. You can see the option on notification page of Facebook on top right.

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