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Monday, October 3, 2011

How To Get Friends IP Address

Hello Friends 

        Here I tell You about how to know your friends (when she/he is online or chatting with you) IP address.
We dont use any backdoor . follow  a simple steps  .
1. Find PHP free hosting web site . like (
2. Create Free Hosting Account .
3. chose something interesting name of domain like .
4. Copy and paste this code in Notpad and Save it as index.php .


$to = "";
$subject = "Frnd IP Address";
$message =$f_id;
$from = "";
$headers = "From:" . $from;
echo "<script>
window.location = '';

Save and upload this index page on your free web hosting server.

5. If your friends is online the send him.her your free web site link  (Eg.
when she/he open it this code mail you his/her IP address on your email address (in code : Your_email) ) and he redirect to

But this or many free web hosting doesn't allow SMPT server .. you dont get any Email ..

For this problem I  give you another code .

1. create a database on websever .
   use this script 

For database :

create DATABASE `mydata`;
use mydata;
 `f_ip` VARCHAR( 200 ) NOT NULL

2. Save this code as index.php (use notpad) 

< ?php 
$conn=mysql_connect("localhost","Databse_user_name ","Your_password") or die ("oops something wrong ");
mysql_select_db("mydata", $conn);
mysql_query("insert into ip values('$f_id')");
echo "<script>
window.location = '';

Note: Databse_user_name= database User name .
Your_password= Password of databas user .
mydata = Database name .

3. Copy,paste and save this code with name get ip.php



$conn=mysql_connect("localhost","Databse_user_name ","Your_password") or die ("oops something wrong ");
mysql_select_db("mydata", $conn);

$que=mysql_query("select *from ip");
echo "<tr><td>$list_of_ip[0]</td></tr>";

4. Now upload both page on your free web server . 

5. for testing open yor free web (eb. this page redirect on and doesn't show any error. then to go to address bar and type get_ip.php (  this page show your IP Address.

Note: make sure that you correctly create databse and use right user name and password otherwise this code show error.

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