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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

How To Send Fake Email- Educational purpose only

Hello All
          many hackers send email with anyone Email ID. How ? they always hack his/her ID and then send mail ???? perhaps....
but many hackers Use this very simple tricks and they can send email with Your Email ID without Hack Your Email .

So let try it ( Educational purpose only ).
1. buy a Domain name and web hosting (if you have already . thats good).
2. Find free PHP web hosting service that allow SMPT server.

Warning :- If you use your own web hosting service that dont sent anyone or dont annoy any person becoz when you send a fake mail mail header contain your host IP address , host server address and many more .. so use this trick only for testing or learning .. 

Now go to Your Cpanel and upload this file .
after successfully open your website and try to send a mail to self .

Download here Source Code (Password Protected )

Password :-  asdjg90uw2wlgopuw9ugksjdgi


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