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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Now Create Google+ page for business

You’ve been using Facebook fan page for your business for quite a long time. Now it’s time to try something different. A while ago, Google said that they were working on its version of Facebook fan pages, and now it’s finally here. Today Google Plus team has finally launched Google Plus pages for brands and businesses. As I stated above, it’s basically the Google Plus version of Facebook fan pages and enables brands and businesses to create an official fan page on Google Plus, so that they can interact with their customers and fans in an easy way.
Google Plus pages are quite similar to Google+ Profiles. Once you’ve created a Google Plus page, you’ll be greeted with a message that says ‘You’re now using Google+ as this page’. You can use Google+ as your profile by opening the drop down menu beneath the page name and selecting your Google plus profile. People can add your business pages to their circles. Moreover, you can make a custom banner at the top of your profile pagestream. Watch out the official video by Google featuring the brand new Google Plus Pages, a rival of Facebook Fan Pages.

 the design does follow his concept then Google Plus could indeed become a powerful weapon for any business. With the ability to integrate other Google Features such as Google Maps, there are a lot of possibilities to market a product on Google Plus.
Customized Google Map: Display all branch locations, hold a geotagging contest.
Example: Find the secret clue in these locations, take photo as evidence, and submit your answer to win a prize.
Google Offers: Use this as an incentive to increase fan circles
Example: Subscribe to our Circle for more special offers
Google Picasa: Hold photo competitions that have the potential to go viral.
Example: Hold our logo in your favorite hangout spots
Business Features: Business Fan Pages could also have a private circle for employees, where they can announce the latest company news. Hangouts can also be used for remote meetings.


Google Plus allows every company or brand to make a Google+ Page with company profile. Time to check out and I want to know how Google Plus actually works and if indeed the new social network got any potential to succeed.

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